Element Save Filter


Customize element texts for a particular element before validating and saving a record. This is helpful if you want to prepare form data for validation automatically, limiting the possibility of a validation error.

array('Save', $recordType, $elementSetName, $elementName)

  • $recordType: The type of Omeka object to filter the metadata for. Most commonly, this will be ‘Item’.
  • $elementSetName: The name of the element set containing the metadata field to be filtered. Possible values include ‘Dublin Core’ and ‘Item Type Metadata’.
  • $elementName: The name of the specific element within the set to be filtered.


string $text
The original text for the element


Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord record
The record that this text applies to. The type will be the same as the filter’s $recordType.
Element element
The Element record for this text.


class MyPlugin extends :php:class:`Omeka_Plugin_AbstractPlugin`

    protected $_filters = array('addIsbnToDcId'=>array('Save', 'Item', 'Dublin Core', 'Identifier');

    public function addIsbnToId($text, $args)
        return "ISBN: $text";