What’s new in Omeka 2.2


Omeka 2.2 adds support for shortcodes, allowing users to embed complex content into free-text fields with a simple syntax. You can read more about using shortcodes on the Omeka Codex or about supporting shortcodes in your own add-ons in the new tutorial Working with Shortcodes.

Pluggable Derivative Strategies

The file derivative process is refactored so administrators can switch between different strategies to change how the file derivatives (thumbnails) are created. Strategies can also take in options from the configuration file to change their behavior without requiring a completely new strategy.

Read the new tutorial File Derivative Strategies for more information.

Representative Files

Omeka 2.2 adds a new and generalized system for using Files for representing records beyond just Items. This system allows Omeka to display thumbnails in places like the sitewide search that deal with multiple record types at the same time.

Read the new tutorial Representative Files for Records for more information.

Extensible fallback thumbnails for Files

Omeka 2.2 expands from the single fallback image for Files (the “blank page” icon) to allow different fallbacks for every MIME type or family of MIME types. Omeka 2.2 itself adds new specific icons for audio, video, and images, and plugins can also add new fallbacks for specific filetypes.

Read the new tutorial Changing Fallback Thumbnails for more information.