What’s new in Omeka 2.3

Automatic page limit support

Controllers extending Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController can now easily set their controllers to use the admin and public-side page limits configured by the site administrator in Appearance Settings. The user-set per_page GET parameter is also now available to all controllers using the built-in pagination support.

To use the configured limits, set the Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController::$_browseRecordsPerPage property to Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController::RECORDS_PER_PAGE_SETTING.

In general, plugins that previously were overriding the _getBrowseRecordsPerPage method or manually selecting a hardcoded page size limit should use this new constant instead.

To maintain backwards compatibility, controllers will still default to performing no pagination of the results.


All “browse” actions within the API now support sort_field and sort_dir GET parameters to allow custom sorting of the result set. The parameters behave the same way as for normal, non-API browse actions.