Helping With Documentation

We always appreciate help correcting and filling out stubs in our documentation. You can submit contribute and make pull requests by clicking the “Edit on GitHub” link on any of the documentation pages. Check the README on the documentation GitHub repo for details.

From our forums and a developer survey, we know that the biggest thing that will help the community of Omeka developers is example code, especially code that fills out the documentation for Global (Theming) Functions. Those files are located under libraries/globals/examples. Each file there corresponds to an Omeka global function that has automatically generated documentation.

Function Examples

If you would like to contribute how you have used or modified one of the Omeka globals functions, you can use the Example Template file as a starting point. Also, look at the Metadata file as a working sample. Just branch the corresponding file within GitHub (or create your own local copy), fill in the details of what you did, and submit a new pull request.

Recipe Examples

A second, broader, need is for recipes that fill out larger tasks. A recipe might combine several functions or plugin structures to solve a large task. These are found under Tutorials/recipes. New ones can also be added via pull request. There is also a Recipe Template for these, but the structure you use can follow whatever structures explain the process best. Here is an example for Retaining Search Order.