Package: Controller\Plugin

class Omeka_Controller_Plugin_Api

extends Zend_Controller_Plugin_Abstract

property Omeka_Controller_Plugin_Api::$_apiResources

protected The

Use the “api_resources” filter to add resources, following this format:

<code> // For the path: /api/your_resources/:id ‘your_resources’ => array( // Module associated with your resource. ‘module’ => ‘your-plugin-name’, // Controller associated with your resource. ‘controller’ => ‘your-resource-controller’, // Type of record associated with your resource. ‘record_type’ => ‘YourResourceRecord’, // List of actions available for your resource. ‘actions’ => array( ‘index’, // GET request without ID ‘get’, // GET request with ID ‘post’, // POST request ‘put’, // PUT request (ID is required) ‘delete’, // DELETE request (ID is required) ), // List of GET parameters available for your index action. ‘index_params’ => array(‘foo’, ‘bar’), ) </code>

If not given, “module” and “controller” fall back to their defaults, “default” and “api”. Resources using the default controller MUST include a “record_type”. Remove “actions” that are not wanted or not implemented.

Omeka_Controller_Plugin_Api::routeStartup(Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract $request)

Handle API-specific controller logic.

Via Omeka_Application_Resource_Frontcontroller, this plugin is only registered during an API request.

  • $request (Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract) –

Get the filtered API resources.