Add a record type to the list of options for the search form. Plugins that add searchable content should use this to allow administrators to choose whether to include that content in the search options.


array $searchRecordTypes

A key-value array where keys are names of record types and values are the internationalized forms of their labels:

$searchRecordTypes = array(
    'Item'       => __('Item'),
    'File'       => __('File'),
    'Collection' => __('Collection'),




class SimplePagesPlugin extends Omeka_Plugin_AbstractPlugin

     * Add SimplePagesPage as a searchable type.
    function filterSearchRecordTypes($recordTypes)
        $recordTypes['SimplePagesPage'] = __('Simple Page');
        return $recordTypes;

There are times when theme writers will want to change the record type label on the search results page. For example, when the “Exhibit” is a gallery and the “Exhibit Pages” are individual artists. To do this, in the theme’s custom.php file, add the following

add_filter('search_record_types', 'my_site_search_record_types');
function my_site_search_record_types($recordTypes)
    $searchRecordTypes['Exhibit'] = __('Gallery');
    $searchRecordTypes['ExhibitPage'] = __('Artist');
    return $searchRecordTypes;