Use this filter in conjunction with the <model>_browse_sql hook to display what search filters are being applied to the item search.

If your plugin uses item_browse_sql to provide an additional filter when searching, you should use this filter to display the results.

Look through the request_array passed in the arguments for the key/value pair with key matching the additional filter you have created. Add the display value to the array as a new key/value pair, with the key being the name of your filter and the value being the text to display.


array $displayArray
Array of filters for the search/browse page. Keys are possible $_GET parameters. Values are values being filtered.


array request_array
Array of $_GET parameters


The MultiCollections plugin clobbers the core collection filtering message by checking if a multi-collection value is among the $_GET parameters and displaying the collection name.

public function filterItemSearchFilters($displayArray, $args)
    $request_array = $args['request_array'];
    if(isset($request_array['multi-collection'])) {
        $db = get_db();
        $collection = $db->getTable('Collection')->find($request_array['multi-collection']);
        $displayValue = strip_formatting(metadata($collection, array('Dublin Core', 'Title')));
        $displayArray['collection'] = $displayValue;
    return $displayArray;