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Returns metadata about a record

metadata(Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord|string $record, mixed $metadata, array $options = Array)

Return a piece or pieces of metadata for a record.

  • $record (Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord|string) – The record to get metadata for. If an Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord, that record is used. If a string, that string is used to look up a record in the current view.
  • $metadata (mixed) – The metadata to get. If an array is given, this is Element metadata, identified by array(‘Element Set’, ‘Element’). If a string, the metadata is a record-specific “property.”
  • $options (array) – Options for getting the metadata.



The first parameter can be either a record or the name of the current record type. The latter usage is helpful when looping through records.

For records that carry Element Set metadata, get the value for an element by passing the element set and element name as an array in the second parameter, e.g. array('Dublin Core', 'Title')

You can also get properties of the record by passing the name of the property as a string in the second parameter.

Valid keys for the $options array are:

  • all: If true, return an array containing all values for the field.
  • delimiter: Return the entire set of metadata as a string, where entries are separated by the given delimiter.
  • index: Return the metadata entry at the given zero-based index.
  • no_escape: If true, do not escape the resulting values for HTML entities.
  • no_filter: If true, return the set of metadata without running any filters.
  • snippet: Trim the length of each piece of text to the given length in characters.
  • Passing simply the string ‘all’ is equivalent to array('all' => true)
  • Passing simply an integer is equivalent to array('index' => [the integer])


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