Navigation-related functions


absolute_url(mixed $options = Array, string $route, mixed $queryParams = Array, bool $reset =, bool $encode = 1)

Return an absolute URL.

This is necessary because Zend_View_Helper_Url returns relative URLs, thoughabsolute URLs are required in some contexts. Instantiates view helpersdirectly because a view may not be registered.

  • $options (mixed) –
    • If a string is passed it is treated as an Omeka-relative link. So, passing 'items' would create a link to the items page.
    • (Advanced) If an array is passed (or no argument given), it is treated as options to be passed to Omeka's routing system.
  • $route (string) – The route to use if an array is passed in the first argument.
  • $queryParams (mixed) – A set of query string parameters to append to the URL
  • $reset (bool) – Whether Omeka should discard the current route when generating the URL.
  • $encode (bool) – Whether the URL should be URL-encoded

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