class Omeka_Db_Select_PublicPermissions

Package: Db

Encapsulates the permissions check for a record that can be public or private.

property _allPermission
property _selfPermission
__construct(string $resource)

Create the permissions object and perform the ACL checks.

The permissions check relies on ‘showNotPublic’ and (optionally)’showSelfNotPublic’ privileges on the give resource.

  • $resource (string) – ACL resource name to check.
apply(Omeka_Db_Select $select, string $alias, string $ownerColumn = owner_id)

Apply the permissions to an SQL select object.

  • $select (Omeka_Db_Select) –
  • $alias (string) – Table alias to query against
  • $ownerColumn (string) – Optional column for checking for ownership. If falsy, the ownership check is skipped.