Filters the theme configuration options before they are returned by a call to get_theme_option.

Plugins can use this filter to modify settings for particular themes, or store and use alternative settings.

The options will be provided as a serialized string, so in order to modify the options, a plugin must unserialize() the array, make whatever changes are desired, then serialize() again before returning.


string $themeOptions

The set of all theme configuration options for a theme. This is a serialized array.


string theme_name

The name of the theme


Exhibit Builder adds theme settings on a per-exhibit basis.

class ExhibitBuilderPlugin extends :php:class:`Omeka_Plugin_AbstractPlugin`

    protected $_filters = array('theme_options');

    public filterThemeOptions($options, $args)
        if (Omeka_Context::getInstance()->getRequest()->getModuleName() == 'exhibit-builder' && function_exists('__v')) {
            if ($exhibit = exhibit_builder_get_current_exhibit()) {
                $exhibitThemeOptions = $exhibit->getThemeOptions();
        if (!empty($exhibitThemeOptions)) {
            return serialize($exhibitThemeOptions);
        return $themeOptions;